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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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fan asry vero blows one. when are these yankees going to catch a break. it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early." the total team payroll is the same as what the yankees pay on chewing gum. shoot me an e-mail. i want to know what you're doing up this morning. or text awake to 622639. we'll read the best responses later. i know it's monday but that was weak. the cram session for your monday, august 8th. a lot going on including riots that spread through london. protesters responding to a fatal police shooting in the capital. plus, a little gratuitous
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weatherman screwup. the glories of the green screen. gets them every time. what happened to this guy a lbi later. 30 rock in new york city. markets and lawmakers around the world are reacting to standard & poor's unprecedented decision of stripping the u.s. of its aaa rating. citing what it called "political brinksmanship." the downgrade reflects our view and predictability of american policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges." it is sparking sharp criticism. what the obama administration says is mistakes in their calculations. some of the other criticisms say the agency's less than stellar
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record during the financial crisis should be put in perspective. >> they made a $2 trillion math error and forgot to check their work so the rating agencies that didn't make a $2 trillion math error reaffirmed the aaa status. >> i think s&p has shown really terrible judgment and handled it so poorly and shown a stunning lack of knowledge about basic u.s. math and drew the wrong conclusion. >> standard & poor's would have forfeited its good reputation if it had a good reputation to begin with. if you read what they actually said it's a kind of half-baked political analysis, criticizing the american system of government and how it works now. they're entitled to their opinion on our politics but their opinion isn't entitled to any particular respect. >> a white house official calling it amateur hour at the s&p. the downgrade has some republicans calling for the resignation of treasury
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secretary tim geithner but this an exclusive interview at nbc he says he will stay on at his post because he believes in this president and what he's trying to do for the country. the finger-pointing is not stopping at treasury secretary. both sides of the aisle play the blame game. >> i believe this is without question the tea party downgrade. this is the tea party downgrade because a minority of people in the house of representatives countered even the will of many republicans in the united states senate. >> when you have a democratic senate, there will not produce a budget, a president who submitted the most irresponsible budget in history who's continuing to talk about spending more, investing more, whose secretary of education was demanding a 13% increase in the department of education next fiscal year beginning october 1st, you know we're in denial. >> congress owns the credit rating of the united states. they have the power of the purse on the constitution and they'll
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have a chance to earn back the confidence of investor s around the world. >> more vindication of our actions. we passed a budget which according to somebody from s&p yesterday would have prevented the downgrade from happening. >> congressman paul ryan there. the standard & poor's managing director says there is a one in three chance of another downgrade for the united states in the next six to 24 months if the political gridlock continues. we'll hear more from him and the s&p a little bit later in the show. news of the downgrade has investors around the globe a bit on edge this morning. the front page of "the wall street journal." markets brace for downgrade's toll. while the asian markets did go down despite a pledge from the g-7 to do whatever is necessary to stabilize stocks, european shares showing a bit of strength. for more on the international reaction, a preview of what's ahead, we bring in steve, live in london. how do the markets look, steve? >> very good day to you.
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if you're along these markets it's another torrid start. the asian markets fell over 2% earlier on today, 2.2% was the mean for the lacks of the hang seng and nikkei was down by a similar margin. they were down again. after having rallied. the london market, blue chips down 1 1/2%. germany, the market down 2.1% but the future of the u.s. indices are showing more negativity. the dow futures showing 2.1% lower and the longer context the dow is down 10% in the last two weeks. >> so germany down 2.1%, the futures down here. how much of this, steve, do you think is because of the s&p downgrade, the white house has attacked the s&p saying this is meaningless and got their math wrong but how is everyone reacting. >> we must not forget the s&p
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warned us back in april they could do this. the market was well prepared for what they were about to do regardless of the politics back in washington. the fact remains though this isn't just the u.s. debt crisis. it's also about what is going on in europe. not about greece or ireland but about the center, italy, which are the third and fourth largest economies in europe. not only the u.s. concerns but what we've got here in europe here. >> what does it mean the european central bank is buying government bonds in those countries you mentioned, italy and spain? >> well, what it should do is take them away from crisis because in they aren't buying bonds and no one else is it means the yields, the price those governments have got to pay to borrow money have been going up and they've been going up to above 6% which is near the crisis levels that portugal and ireland found themselves in before they went for bailouts. what it means, one those borrowing costs should remain lower and the germans, real
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heavyweights could now be behind a more comprehensive solution to this ongoing european debt ci crisis. >> steve sedgwick, we appreciate it. afghanistan, nato says one of its helicopters made what it calls a hard landing in the southeastern part of the country today. officials say the chopper suffered a mechanical failure and crash landed. it says there are no casualties. this comes as new details emerges over this weekend's deadly chopper crash. in afghanistan it killed 30 american service members including 22 navy s.e.a.l.s. 8 afghans also killed. military officials say the troops died while on a mission to assist an army ranger unit under fire from insurgents. commandos wering itting a taliban leader directly responsible for the attacks. nato confirms it's begun an
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operation to recover the remains from the helicopter as part of an ongoing investigation. the crash is the single deadliest attack on u.s. forces since the war began almost a decade ago. last night president obama called top american commanders to express his condolences for those who died and spoke with afghan president hamid karzai. for the latest we turn to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. he joins us live from kabul. good to see you this morning, richard. what's the latest on the investigation there? what do we know about what happened over the weekend? >> reporter: the u.s. military is saying little about exactly what happened which is somewhat understandable. you had elite special forces carrying out an operation. the army rangers, then navy s.e.a.l.s and some other special operation forces were brought in as reinforcements and then the operation went terribly badly. terribly wrong when that chinook helicopter was shot down
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according to the taliban definitely shot down. what we heard from a nato spokesman today is that the site where this crash took place is secure. it's been sealed off. that the recovery and cleanup operation is still under way. but that not all of the remains have yet to be identified. the u.s. military has not put out a specific sequence of events, how this actually took place, but speaking to witnesses to members of the taliban, we've been able to put together a picture of what happened when this helicopter went down. it began just in the very early hours on saturday. and u.s. army rangers were carrying out this raid on taliban compound according to the taliban there were 12 militants in this compound about 60 miles southwest of kabul. a firefight broke out. it lasted 30 to 40 minutes. at that stage navy s.e.a.l.s primarily were called in as a rescue element and that rescue operation was going fairly well.
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they managed to secure the location, stop or at least slow down the firefight and that as those navy s.e.a.l.s and some other american special ops and afghan commandos were leaving that's when a single rpg was fired and brought the helicopter down. >> richard, there's been speculation that someone was tipped off that this chinook which flies slowly, that one knew the americans were going to be there. do we have any sense of what kind of communication there might have been within the taal tip-off which should have been a secret mission? >> reporter: once it would have been a secret mission when it began. once the firefight was under way, then it's no longer secret any more and that's standard that if you're in a firefight with army rangers or with any kind of troops and the firefight is not over quickly, that american air support tends to arrive within the first half an hour to an hour. that's fairly standard procedure. so you wouldn't need a situation where the taliban has any kind
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of prior information, prior notification, they're in a firefight the firefight is not going well from the american point of view. you know the more choppers will come. >> richard engel live for us from kabul, afghanistan, we appreciate it, as always, richard. thanks so much. our thoughts and prayers out to the 38 who died including 30 american service members over the weekend. some other news around the world, british police arresting more than 160 people across london over the weekend as rioting continues in the streets for the second consecutive day. it began on saturday when protests over the fatal police shooting of a 29-year-old man turned violent. now so-called copycat riots popping up throughout the northern and southern parts of the city including in london's main shopping district. rioters looting shopping centers and destroying vehicles including a patrol car and lighting a double decker bus on fire. more than 30 police officers have been injured in these riots. still ahead on "way too
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early," oh, sweet justice. on the week where tiger makes his return to golf, the caddie he just fired unexpectedly after 12 years wins the tournament with another player and describes it as the sweetest victory of his life. some thinly veil ed criticisms o tiger. christine romer gives bill maher a blunt assessment. i shall resign the presidency tomorrow and the vice president will be worn in at
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♪ 5:45 in the morning. welcome back to "way too early." beautiful picture from the top of our building at 30 rock. a check of your weather from bill karins. >> good morning. that picture didn't justify the humid, gross conditions. yeah, much of the country. >> yesterday. >> yeah, it's that way this morning too. this will not come as a surprise. in dallas this could be your record-breaking week, 37 days in a row all the way back to june with 100 degrees. the record is 42. we'll be 100 plus all this week, 106, tomorrow, 109 then near 100 till friday. we would tie it friday and possibly break it saturday. incredible all-time stuff, yesterday 97 in d.c., today is 94. the humidity is still really high. the best chance for rain and showers from hartford northward
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up to boston, providence in albany. also the southeast showers and storms and also in missouri and, willie, a lot of schools are starting in the deep south. >> 106 in dallas. 109 tomorrow without the humidity. they just can't catch a break. bill, thanks so much. to sports now, the sunday nighter at fenway, red sox/yankees, the rubber match of this series battling for first place in the american league east. patriots receiver chad ochocinco supporting the sox. brett gardner. going deep to right center gives the yankees a 2-1 lead. that was in the seventh. then in the bottom of the ninth, dustin pedroia hits a sac fly left. tags from third. that's a blown save for mariano rivera. bottom of the tenth they walk carl crawford to get to josh reddick. called up from aaa and he makes
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them pay going opposite field. pinch runner, mcdonald easily scores the game winner. reddick is the winner, red sox win 3-2. red sox up one game in the a.l. east taking two out of three from the yankees. yesterday, the final day of the bridgestone invitational. the turn of tiger woods sidelined three months with a leg, an achilles injury. by yesterday woods an after thought. 6, misses a putt for bogey. the real story, there was a tiger link. his former caddie stevie williams, teamed up with australian adam scott who entered the final day with a e one-stroke lead and never looked back. he finished 17 under winning his first ever world golf championship. how pumped is steve williams? he was dumped by tiger after he stood by his side for a couple of years. after the round as scott made his way to the clubhouse
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reporters rushed to williams to ask him about his reaction to the win. >> i got to tell you, david, i've been a caddie for 33 years and that's the best week of my life and i'm not joking. i'm never ever going to forget this week. the people here have been absolutely unbelievable and all the people in new zealand. a lot of expectations today. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little nervous. obviously adam was leading the tournament and there's been a lot said this week and it's an incredible feeling to back it up. that's the best week of my life, i caddied for 33 years, 145 wins and that's the best win i have ever had. >> he fired the caddie after 12 years together. williams didn't even see it coming. we'll see more of tiger soon. the pga championship starts thursday. comi coming up at the top of the hour. the white house attacks the credibility of standard & poor's after they have their a.
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aaa rating downgraded. when we come back here we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch a weatherman's green screen fail. "way too early" coming right back. yikes, this color just sucks the life out of me. i was just gonna say that! about this flat haircolor! [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy anti-flat, always dimensional. in one simple step, get tones and highlights built into every shade with nice 'n easy.
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now that the united states
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has been stripped of its long held aaa credit rating you might be wondering what we have to do to get it back. sounds like an standard & poor's imposed time-out. tell your friends it's taken other governments 9 to 18 years to regain their aaa credit rating according to standard & poor's debt rating. five countries have regained it after losing it. chambers will join us later this morning on "morning joe." let's gather around the water cooler to hear from a former obama economic adviser. christina romer left the white house almost a year ago after being one of the president's top advisers. on friday night gave bill maher the not safe for work but safe for hbo analysis. >> we used to do a segment called how [ bleep ] are we. ♪
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i didn't expect that there but -- just before we went on the air they said our rating got downgraded. >> so pretty darned [ bleep ]. i've been hanging around tim geithner too long. >> why, does he swear like a sailor. >> oh, like a seventh grade boy. >> all the better coming out of her mouth. christina romer on friday night. weatherman fail. tough week for a weatherman. happened to a good man, chuck bell, the meteorologist when his green screen took on a mind of its own. >> then overnight tonight, that's the wrong map. i don't know how that got in there. i know what happened. we've gotten into the wrong sequence. so what we'll do is we'll start here at the seven-day foreca forecasten. even that is wrong.
5:55 am
the computer is on the wrong days of the week. it starts with monday and everything. that's trouble. u-oh. aaron, can you happening on one brief second. i just need to load this other sequence. >> in the meantime, we're looking into the news 4 weather center. the storm center 4. >> it's good stuff. >> here we go. now we're fired back up. just like that. problem solved. >> chuck bell, everybody, doing some nice work. last thursday nbc 17 down in central north carolina, the chief meteorologist there face-to-face with a moth. >> all right, so here's the weather map. let's pick it up at 6:00 a.m. not a whole lot going on. i swear a moth just flew into my throat. i was going to swat it away but i thought that would not be appropriate for tv but i guess it's more appropriate to swallow it. so we will continue -- no, don't
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bring me water. let me drink this since he brought this to me. that's a little better. >> took like ten minutes to get the guy a glass of water. can we get him a bug zapper. wes doing a good job there. "morning joe" moments away. i have astigmatism.
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we ask what you're doing up. rob has some answers. >> julie quits "putting in a last-minute bid on a ceramic cat on ebay." >> that's a new one. do you have to stay up to do that. i don't know much about ceramic cat bidding. what else? >> biff writes no worries, willie. i'm sure "way too early" will never lose its ccc rating. >> we'll have more on "morning joe" later. we want to stabilize the markets that we keep our ccc rating.


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